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01 Full-Stack UE / C++ Team

We pursue a successful result in every project, so we put together a team that is most effective for you.

02 Effective communication

Our team members have been working together for a long time and each employee is willing to communicate directly with you. All employees speak English and you will have no problem fitting us into the development process.

03 Any amount of work

The whole project or a fixed scoop? No problem. We cope well with small tasks, as well as ready to act as an independent, self-sufficient team aimed at the result.

04 Transparency

You always see who you're paying for. All team members are in direct communication with the client, and every day you get a report on the work done.

About Rabbit Games

Full-cycle game development studio. A great game starts with a great team. A team you can trust and delegate your most challenging tasks to.

Only the best

We are very careful in recruiting employees to our team. For us it is equally important to have a proven high professionalism of a person, as well as a 100% fit in our culture.

Seniors Only

We believe that only experienced employees can be independent, soberly aware of their weaknesses and strengths, and see the big picture.

Moderate load

We don't chase every order and project. We know our velocity and strive for stable and productive work. This allows us to guarantee quality every day and eliminate the risk of burnout.

We work together

Despite the fact that we support remote work of our employees, we have a comfortable office where the whole team regularly gets together and works.

What we do

We provide professional services in a wide range of areas

Game Design

You only have an idea and you need to create a full-fledged Game Design Document, you need to strengthen the design team, solve the difficult issue of balance or create a design system? We can help!

Technical solution and engineering

Our team of seniors is ready to create a solution of any complexity. Mobile games, PVP games, games for PC and Consoles. And if you run into difficulties in the architecture or "turned the wrong way" and now the technical debt does not allow you to develop. We can help.

Deploying infrastructure

We are here to help if you need to deploy infrastructure all over the world, optimize server capacity or create a smart system that dynamically manages the number of servers.

From idea to unique style

Create an exciting and memorable image, make your game recognizable from many because of the unique style that emphasizes the mood and feel of the game.

Keep in Touch

Feel free to ask us any question:

    Jana Henryka Dąbrowskiego 75/43, Poznań

    Spetson, 23A, Office B002, Limassol